I try to re-connect with people in person during various conferences and events. Cambridge, MA is home. My office is in Andover, MA and I’m generally in the Boston area with some re-occurring events I schedule myself around. Upcoming events where I will definitely be attending out of Boston:

May 14th – 15th – Washington, DC

May 15th – 18th – OBX, NC

June 21th – Newburyport, MA

June 26th – 28th – New York City

July 24th – 9th – Europe Confirmed

November (?) – India Brewing

December (?) – Central America Brewing

Early 2001 (?) – Africa Pilot Program

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Please use email as first method of contact. My basic rule is that I use LinkedIN to manage business contacts, and Facebook to manage personal contacts & friends. Plaxo is a mirror of LinkedIN. Lines are easily blurred, but generally Facebook friends are people that have been inside my home. LinkedIN contacts are people that I know through professional meetings or significant working exposure – please email or call any time, but do not solicit linking unless we’ve actually met face-to-face. As social media expert I’m supposed to use a million other latest and greatest tools, but I can’t keep up. I do welcome website linking requests via my Link Partners page to internet-only contacts.

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