LinkedIN most accurately visualizes the “real-time” aspects of the CV of a web-savvy technologist and startup professional. I keep my current projects and professional profile up to date there. As a wannabe thought leader in a fast-paced Web 2.0 world. However, I am not currently seeking employment. The purposes of this website is to introduce visitors to some of my non-professional interests since my business ventures usually have their own websites. I have many interests – the content written on this website is the personal commentary of Eric Melin – the topics may range from internet advertising, search engine marketing, technology, computer science, business, sports, social entrepreneurship, socially responsible investing, peer-to-peer lending, capital markets, liberty, politics, philanthropy, philosophy, religion and pure randomness. The opinions expressed are not endorsed or affiliated with any organization, either owned by Mr. Melin, or employing him. It may be freely linked and quoted with appropriate link-backs and credit to me as the author. Here is my Resume formatted in traditional printable PDF and Word format.

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If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, or request a free SEO assessment if your interest in SEO related.

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