Fun stuff…all work and no play makes for a dull existence. See my list of websites. As a “webmaster” many of my real-life interests have an associated website or mailing list. In the spirit of entrepreneurship – when something useful does not exist, I create it. For instance, BostonKiteBoarding: Join my group of 60+ people if you are in Boston and have an Interest in Kite Boarding. BostonRollerhockey: Join my group of 200+ people if you are in Boston and have an interest in indoor or outdoor Roller Hockey. My other sporty interests don’t have associated groups – Skiing, Squash, Golf, A few other personal interests I don’t yet have an actual business developed, but I’ve started the process by securing a website. These are my hobby projects only and not designed for lead gen or future sale. Some are not technically “sports”

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